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Floor industry has been circulating a sentence, three points of quality, seven points of pavement, professional installation of wood flooring can be seen the importance of pavement effect. The installation effect of wood floor directly affects the decoration effect of the whole room and the service life of wood floor.
1、 Swelling deformation
① Due to improper use of the wood floor, the faucet or heating of the kitchen or toilet ran water, which caused the wood floor to soak for too long, and the wood floor had wet expansion deformation. Because the wet expansion size became larger, there was no place to stretch, so it could only be arched.
② In continuous rainy days, the relative humidity in the air is on the high side, and no measures have been taken to remove the humidity. The moisture in the air is absorbed by the wood floor and then expands.
③ The house is empty for a long time, uninhabited, with poor ventilation. After the medium moisture evaporation of the painting layer, it is everywhere to be distributed and absorbed by the wood floor, then it will absorb moisture and expand.
④ The moisture content of the base concrete is too high, and the moisture-proof isolation layer is not sealed and hygroscopic expansion.

2、 No expansion joint or too narrow
When the floor is laid to the wall, a 2cm gap should be left as the expansion joint, and then covered with a baseboard. In order to be clean, some owners do not reserve expansion joints between adjacent wood floors as required, or let the laying workers leave the joints as thin as possible, which will also make the floor unable to stretch, and it is easy to arch up after moisture absorption and expansion by moist air, or even the paint surface cracks the wood floor Insufficient structural expansion and reservation between the slab and the wall.

3、 Expansion joints are filled
Some owners ask workers to fill the expansion joints with small pieces of wood, gypsum and putty, or nail them with skirting lines to make the floor unable to stretch, resulting in the floor arching.

4、 Room paving
When more than two rooms are installed with the floor, the door pocket is not equipped with a buckle strip. When the humidity and humidity are large, the horizontal lines of the floor in the two rooms stretch, causing mutual involvement at the door of the room and arching the floor.
5、 Not segmented
The pavement area of wood floor is large or wide, and no sectional measures are taken.
6、 Foreign matter
During the installation, if there are foreign matters left under the floor and the floor is not cleaned in time before the safety of the floor, it will also cause the floor arching.
7、 Arching of floor base
The base course under the floor is arched. If there is a wood floor on the original floor before the installation of the floor, the original floor will swell up due to moisture after the installation of the floor, so the floor will also be arched.
8、 Improper floor maintenance
The wet mop is often used to mop the ground, resulting in the infiltration of water on the ground.


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