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Cleaning and maintenance

There is an old day for any kind of things. Although this cannot be avoided, we can increase the service life of some items, especially for the floor at home. No matter what kind of material the floor needs to be maintained daily, so how do we maintain the floor in our daily life? What is the common sense of maintaining the floor?
Floor cleaning and maintenance
Floor cleaning of floor common sense:
1. In addition to the above two points, the maintenance of the floor is the daily cleaning of the floor. It's very simple. For ordinary dust, you only need to use a clean cloth to gently wipe off the dust on the floor surface. If some need to be wet with water to be removed, you need to wet the cloth with water first. Pay attention to the minimum water of the cloth.
2. For the floor with a certain number of years, it is inevitable that some dirt on the floor is not easy to clean. In order to be beautiful, it is planned to clean the dirt. At this time, it needs some small sharp tools such as knives, which can be scraped off gently without damaging the protective layer on the floor surface.
Floor maintenance of floor common sense:
1. For the floor after installation, it is usually necessary to ensure that the whole room of the floor is well ventilated, and try not to drip water on the floor, so as to avoid some wood floors from getting damp, especially some stains, oil stains and other dirt that are not easy to clean. If it does fall on the floor accidentally, it is necessary to clean the floor immediately, and special cleaning measures can be used If there is no detergent that can be replaced by some soap, detergent or other cleaners, be careful not to use too much.
2. The floor that used for a long time is unavoidably faded. For the faded floor, in order to make the floor bright and clean as new, you can wax it, which is conducive to increasing the floor finish, and also can effectively play a role in protecting the floor.
Although different materials of the floor because of the wide variety of materials, the same method does not apply to every floor, but for some common sense things, such as the daily maintenance skills of the floor is very common.


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