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1. Is the Zhengjun Flooring water proof?

Yes, Zhengjun flooring is new water proof technology flooring.

2. What are the common problems of solid wood floor?
(1)Wood floor appears hollowing sound, which may be caused by the change of moisture content of the board, floor shrinkage or unqualified glue. Therefore, we need to check the water content, glue and other quality of the board. If it is qualified, it can be used. When installing, there should not be too few nails.

(2) The surface looks uneven, mainly because the foundation layer is uneven, causing the floor to deform and bulge. During the construction, the surface shall be leveled with the level ruler, and the uneven places shall be adjusted. The insulation and sound insulation layer materials shall be dry to prevent the wood board from bulging after being damped.
(3)The reason for poor splicing effect is that apart from unqualified construction, the gap of plate size and poor quality result in joint between floors.
(4) What are the common problems of the wood floor? There is a corner dropping situation. It is mainly caused by the workers' careless collision during the transportation; it is also possible that the corners of the floor fall out due to the careless tools during the construction.
(5)In case of surface falling off, after the construction of wood floor is completed, some sharp objects fall to damage the floor, affecting the floor aesthetics; or when the floor is processed, the surface and the base material are not well bonded together, and the surface and the base material are degummed after use.
(6) There are scratches on the surface of wood floor. When moving furniture, there are nails or sand and other sundries between the floor and objects, and the floor will be scratched.

3. What are the repair methods of solid wood floor?
(1)If it is a relatively small trace, we can use the repair method of wood floor essential oil. The wood floor essential oil is mainly a kind of aromatic hydrocarbon substance extracted from plants, which can reduce and repair the fine lines and scars of some wood products. If the damage of the wood floor is not too large, daub it gently with the wood floor essential oil, which can effectively reduce the scars of the wood floor , which is the easiest fix.
(2) Rest assured on the wood floor. If the wood floor is used for a long time, we can renovate the solid wood floor to repair the floor. The wood floor renovation is an effective way to repair the floor, and almost all the wood floor scars can be repaired. The method adopted is to polish the surface of the paint on the wood floor with the solid wood floor refurbisher, remove the scars, and then paint again. This kind of wood floor repair method has outstanding effect and can make the wood floor look new.
(3) The surface of the wood floor was scratched and the paint on it was damaged. This depends on the degree of scratch on the surface of the solid wood floor. If the surface paint film is scratched shallowly, it can be treated by polishing and waxing, and then it can be wiped clean. There is also a case of deep scars, which can be filled with solid repair wax, then colored with a touch up pen, and finally polished.
(4) You can buy a bottle of floor wax and wipe it as you normally do. Some scratches that are not very deep can be treated. It doesn't cost much to buy a bottle of floor wax, but it is very helpful to repair and maintain the wood floor. It can make its surface glossy and beautiful, prevent scratches, and extend its service life. It needs to be serviced about three months.


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