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The service life of wood model floor

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Wood-plastic floor is widely used in landscape, villa, balcony and other outdoor platforms, than steel template quality light, easy to carry and loading and unloading, welcomed by everyone, the following small make up to give you some advantages of wood-plastic floor:

1. It can alleviate the shortage of steel, wood and other resources, has good social economy, and conforms to the sustainable development strategy.

2, can use recycled waste plastic and wood scraps, wood chips and other leftovers as raw materials, low price, cutting to the environment.

3. Wear resistance is better than natural wood, and the surface can be kept smooth after repeated use. It will not rust like steel formwork, so it can be reused many times and can still be recycled after being broken or scrapped.

4. Smooth surface, low polarity, poor adhesion with concrete components, easy to demodulate, the surface of the manufactured components is flat, achieving the effect of clean water formwork.

5, not afraid of moth, corrosion resistance, water absorption is small, in the pouring process can reduce leakage phenomenon, so that the quality of concrete has been improved.

6, high dimensional stability, good processing performance, can be repeated, planing and bonding.


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